In addition to your Business Development Manager who is your Apon commercial partner, all programs will be led by a Program Manager who has the overall responsibility for the project. While you will always have access to all Apon team members, your Program Manager is responsible for the overall performance and communications of the project. Team members might also include an expert in any specialized technology such as:

Product design and development
Design for manufacturability
Injection molding
Manufacturing assembly

While a Quality Engineer is always a key member of this internal team, quality goes well beyond producing your product to specification. It is a system of compliance that includes processes and documentation through every phase of the project.

Your Program Manager works with you to create a timeline outlining the key milestones and priorities for both organizations. This timeline becomes the framework of the program and is reviewed and updated at each project meeting giving you an accurate picture of your project at each step. Your Program Manager also leads the internal team in their focus of continually looking for value and cost reduction opportunities as a part of Apon’sĀ  lean manufacturing assessment and processes. Your Program Manager brings together the resources of Apon for a single point of contact and accountability.